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eed wey Bel


Supplement to Nature, December 9, 189





MAY 1897 to OCTOBER 1897

To the solid ground Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye.” —WoORDSWORTH

F ondott





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ght, 422— : 1 Oe tena 232 m the Alli eory, including the Theor a Fu H. F. Baker, 441 F on. Ralph), Death of, 321 mstant of, C. L. Doolittle, 255 aur Physiologie der Gesichtsempfindungen, 315 . de W., F.R.S.), the Sensitiveness of the and Colour, 165; Scientific Requirements of

ra. 186 ey Optical Method of Studying Alternating

the), the Ascent of the Mount St. Elias

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[Si to Nature, December 9, 1897

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et Mae y Electrical ~


up, ent to een | _ December 9, 1897

Index Vv

Plates, Cuirassés et Projectiles de Marine, E. Vallier,

‘(—H_E.), Conversion of Chloronaphthalenedisulphonic 0 Dichloronaphthalenedisulphonic Acids, 359

. A. R. von), Death of, 383

(Prof. J. O.), the Permeability of Steel-making Crucibles,

cc Comet, Appearance of, 256 ; Gustave Leveau,

of, re ueil de Procédés de dosage pour l’analyse des s, des Minerais de fer, des fontes des aciers et

on the, Prince Kropotkin, 485

f the Tibet Expedition of the years 1889-90, Pyevtsoff, 27; a Ride through Western Asia, , 222

Customs of Dyaks and Races around, S. E.

on Assaying, P. de P. Ricketts and E. H. Recueil de Procédés de dosage pour I’analyse les des Minerais de fer, des fontes des aciers

_Arth, 124

nitudes of the, Herr G. Huber, 454 r A ‘W. Upton, 8 ; Organised or Sectional onomy, W. F. Denning, 9; the International ind Chart, 13 ; Our Astronomical Column, 17, 39, » 163, 185, 206, 233, 255, 279, 300, 324, 350, 54, 473, 504, 525, 552, 573, 597, 620; a on gbetween the Distances, Masses, and ies of the Planets, M. P. Berthot, 17 ; Relation- ie Masses and Distances of the Planets, G. E. Report of Mr. Tebbutt’s Observatory, 17; 4 Bodtis, Mr. Burnham, 17; Southern . W. H. Pickering and S. I. Bailey, 454; ary Star, 525; Death of Dr. E. J. Stone, 4 jituary Notice of, 57 ; May Meteors, W. F. 9; Meteor of July 29, J. V. Ramsden, 317; the 4s, 350; a Brilliant Perseid, Dr. W. J. S. 3 Outlying Clusters of the Perseids, Prof. A. S. shel, F.R.S., 540; a Bright Meteor, Prof. J. P. eilly, orecast of the November Meteor Shower, Jenn ; a New Meteor Photograph, Prof. E. E. - Observation of Meteors, with Special Leonids, W. F. Denning, 613 ; Centralstelle H. Kreutz, 39; Accidental Errors of _ Herr Doberck, 39; on the Varia- f. S. C. Chandler, 40; Resolving pes and Spectroscopes, Prof. F. L. C. Photographs of Metallic Spectra, Dr. O. e Scientific Papers of John Couch Adams, Origin of Solar and Stellar Light, M. R. Nebula of Orion, 90; Nebulze unrecorded Roberts, 134 ; a New Nebula Photograph, s, F.R.S., 454; the Parallax of 611 Cygni, , 90; the Chemistry of the Hottest Stars,

Corona, David P. Todd, 109; the Corona ww Evershed, 444; the Gegenschein or Zodiacal ow, Prof. d, 109 ; Death of William Godward, Latitude of the Royal Catania Observatory, 133;

| Micrometrical Observations of Venus, Prof.

; Harvard College Observatory Zone Observa- “he. al Observatory, Greenwich, 134 ; Prof. the Distances of the Stars, 139; the Disag- Comets, O. Callandreau, 143 ; the Disintegration _ O. Callandreau, 473 ; Comet Denning 1894 wlhof, 163; Observations of Mars, 163; Ap- Arrest’s Comet, 256 ; Gustave Leveau, 324; on of Cometary Phenomena, Prof. Goldstein, 350 ; Jupiter and Saturn upon Encke’s Comet, M. A. 04; Comet 1886 V., Mdlle. Klumpke, 415: cal Comets, W. F. Denning, 518 ; the Orbit of Comet IV., Dr. A. Stichtenoth, 573 ; Comet Perrine, 598, 620 ; pproaching Total Eclipse of the Sun,J. Norman Lockyer, » 154, 175, 318, 365, 392, 4453 Stations for observing


r in Trees, on the, Francis Darwin, F.R.S., 307

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Astrophysics: the Meudon Astrophysical Observatory, Dr. Willlam J. S. Lockyer, 494 ;

Athens, Meteorological Observations at, 253; M. Eginitis,


poe (Prof. G. F.), some Preliminary Experiments with the Réntgen Rays on Plants, 600

Atlantic, on the Surface Plankton of the, Prof. Herdman, W. Garstang, 555

Atlas, Star, W. Upton, 8

Atmosphere : the Story of the “Earth’s Atmosphere, Douglas . Archibald, 78 ; the Effect of Wind and Atmospheric Pressure on the Tide, F. L. Ortt, 80 ; Atmospheric Centres of Action, Dr. H. H. Hildebrandsson, 160; on the Constituents of the Atmosphere, Prof. F. C. Chamberlin, 485

Atomic Theory: Histoire de la Philosophie Atomistique, Leopold Mabilleau, P. J. Hartog, 513

Atomic Weight of Thorium, Prof. Brauner on the, 462

Atomic Weights of Nickel and Cobalt, Prof. Richards on the,

62 Aadition, the Limits of, Rt. Hon. Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., 285 Auerbach (Dr. Leopold), Death of, 594 Augury from Combat of Shell-fish, on, Kumagusu Minakata, 30 ; Chas. A. Silberrad, 494 : August Meteors, the, 350


vi Index

lement to Nature, ecember g, 189

[- up,

Aumale(Due-d’), Death and ong Notice of, 34

Aurora, Brilliant, H. C. Russell, F.R.S.j 183

Austin (Alfred), Science and Poetry, 594

Australia : Inoculation with Chicken Cholera as a 2 Means of Sup- de Rabbit Pest, C. J. Pound, 16; the Engwurra, ior - Fire: Ceremony: of | certain. Central Australian ‘Tribes, Prof. Baldwin Spencer and F. J. Gillen, 136 ; the Naturalist in

© Australia, W. ‘Saville-Kent, 271°; Extraordinary ‘Weather.in

Australia, 323; Study of the Brains of certam Australian

Aborigines, Prof, A. Macalister; 487

Austria : .Manchester’s Report on Technical Education in Germany and Austria, 627

Automatic Photography of the Corona, David PR: Todd, 109.

Auwers (Prof.), te of 480 Stars for Zone OUservations between ~ 20° and 80°, 255

Ayrton (W. E.; F.R'S.), ’Practical Engineering : a Laboratory

. and Lecture’ Course for First-Year Students:“of Electrical Engineering based on the Ervesationes Definitions of the Electrical Units, 537°

Babylotiai the American Bicavaiiony? in Southioray 198°

Bach (A.), Part played by Peroxides in Slow Oxidation, 47

Bacteriology :: Evolution of Oxygen from Coloured. Bacteria, Dr. A. J. Ewart}'23; Vitality of Plague Bacillus in Infected

. Grain, Prof. Hankin, 36; the Plague Bacillus, ‘Dr. ‘Rudolf

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ot Cis

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