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qitake of the Most Tempting Bargains Ever Spread Before You, *

The above cut represents a very desirable Wrap, especially brought out for stout people, from 40 to 46 bust measure. The prices range $10 to $35 each.

595 ladies fine Broad Cloth? Newmarkets, Raglansand Havelocks, plain and embroid- ered, in ligut, medium and dark colors—all aro light weight. All at half price—half



$50,000 invested in High & Co.’s Cloak de- partment.

Our strict integrity wins us new customers every day. Weconsider a pieased customer to be ihe best advertisemeut of all.

Our sales in Cloaks are immense.


Displayed in this mammoth stock of Cloaks. Styles! Correct

There is

It contains onlv -Correct Makes! Correct Prices!

On Monday morning we will offer a lot of about 200 ladies’ fine Beaver Cloth Jackets, full satin faced, silk bound, single and double breasted. These garments are made in the very best style, and are worth more than double the price—$4.50 each.

Beautiful Cloth Modjeskas, at $5 each.

Fine Braided Modjeskas, at $6.50 each.

Ascott Striped Newmarkets, at $5 each.

Directoire Jackets,

Braided Jackets,

Broad Cloth Jackets,

London Coats,

Directoire Coats, They are the most stylish garments of the season.



Of fine Sponged Seal Plush Jackets, Sea Loops and the finest Satin Linings—a lovely garment at $9.85 each.

Great bargains in fine Seal Plush Sacques— all lengths,

Shoes, Shoes.

Ladies’ custom made Shoes.

Misses custom made Shoes.

Children’s custom made Shoes.

Gentlemen’s custom made Shoes.

Boy’s custom made Shoes.

The largest stock of Shoes in Atlanta. The Most reliable and best wearing shoes in At- lanta, Shoes in all widths, kinds and sizes

and qualities. All our Shoes are guaranteed bo give

tytire Satisfaction,

No old Shoes! No Shoddy Shoes. Our en- 'e stock is all clean, new and fresh. By offering


—AT A—


wr Shoe Stores can afford to, we ask our 2p mers to investigate, to compare. Wecan Will save you money on your Shoe bill.




Late arrivals, bought at one-half their nomi- nal value, will enable us to undersell any and

| all. Remember this department is the very | best equipped in the country.

*Tis seldom you fail to find just what you want here.




Entirely too many on hand. The prices will move thein.

840 Novelty Suits now at $20.

S30 Novelty Suits now at $15.

S25 Novelty Suits at $12.50.

Novelty Suits at $5, $6.50, $7.50 $8.50, all worth double the price.


The Most Seasonable ! The Most Beautiful ! The Most Stylish!


at prices that are simply astounding. On Monday

2,000 yards 50 inch check, all.*zool Suitings in grays and browns, only six yards required for a dress pattern. Think of it, a nice, stylish, ail wool dress pattern for $1.74 or 29c vard.

1,250 yards Be inch all wool plaid Flannels for misses’ and ladies’ suits. These goods ara really worth 50c yard, but they will be sold on Monday to the retail trade at 2Uc.

80 pieces 42 inch all wool Surah Serges, very stylish, all the leading shades. We guarantee that you cannot match this bargain under 65c. Festival price 49c.

2 boxes more of those 46 inch Chuddah cloths worth a $1 elsewhere. Festival “price 63c

110 pieces very finest French Henrietta cloths sold last week at $1 by us. Festival price Tdc.

Opened Friday, 90 pieces Princetta Serges, They measure 47 inches wid>, are made of the finest wooland are from the best French dyers. Weimported them to retailat $1.25. They come too late, festival price 75c yard.

40 pieces Broadcloths came tous on Satur- day. They will goasa great festival bargain at $1 yard.

To open Monday morning 1 case fine French Drap DeAlmas in all the new shades. Here- tofore $1 has been the established price on ee They go asa festival bargain at


250 pieces English Rody Henriettas, all col- ors egualin appearanceto goods costing double They go as a festival bargain at 25c yard.

Opened Saturday, lease 38 inch all wool, character stripes, they are all wool and a fes- tival bargain at 35c yard.

Ladies’ Cloth, 50 inches wide, all wool. Not mauy shades left, to be. closed as a festival bargain at 50c¢ yard.

Three qualities and prices of fine French Broadcloths at $1.50, $2 and $2.60 yard.

Kid Glove Departny

On Monday ‘rattan ty offer 200 dozen la- dies’ 4 button Italian Kid Gloves, embroidered backs at 50c pair.

200 dozen genuine French Kid Gloves, 4 button, length, a nice soft glove, and one that most every store want $1 and more. They go as a festival bargain at 75c.

90 dozen 6 button length undressed Biaritz Mousquatares, never sold before under $1.25. Ag a festival bargain at 75c pair.

Our Charmont Glove stands at the top of theSlist as positively the best $1 Kid Glove in America.

Our Mignon Kid Glove has been tried by the best judges in town and pronounced to have no equal at any price. $1.50 pair.

I|GH % Co.


| Failles and Chinas in /maculate purity.

/ in all colors. | cent, at $1 per yard. | actual value.

' with the above at

Wedding lrousseaux !

| Are an important feature in our

Silk Department. During the past week we have had immense sales in these elegant materials. Prices never so low. Goods more lovely than ever, and the largest collection ever brought south.

Wedding Silks in ivory, white and cream. Superb combination to match each shade. Unsurpassed in style, tone and quality.

Bridal Costumes of Surahs, all their im-

French Wedding Gowns in Tin-

'selled Nets and Appliqued Ribbed Thoy must go. | yarr . : Httlects.

38 pieces 48-inch Tinselled Nets Rich, grand, magnifi- $1.50 1s their

100 pieces 18-inch opera shades in Surahs to match any combine 43c. These are the identical soc quality elsewhere.

60 pieces 48-inch Striped Recep- tion Netting at $1.50. We handle this line exclusively, and its beauty is simply indescribable. Would be cheap at $2,509.

53 pieces 20-inch Surahs, bought especially as combinations for these nets, at 75c. No house will offer them for less than $1.

27 pieces 48-inch Appliqued Nets at $3. Their beauty is surprising. Their worth actually $s.

37 pieces 24-inch Hong Kong Silks to match the above at $1. Those who have an eye for “the true and the beautiful’ will surely appreciate this costume.

40 pieces 22-inch Faille Francaise in every known reception shade at $1.50.

40 pieces 24-inch embossed and brocaded Fronts for this suit at $6 per yard. As to style, quality, beauty and price we claim for this costume superiority over all.


Are one of our strong pillars which uphold public esteem and patronage. Good, honest, reliable goods are only admitted to this de- partment.

Two Numbers of dt Pieces FOR THIS WEEK

No. 1.—31 pieces Black Dress Siiks of all |

weaves and styles, warranted to wear and to

please, at $1.05, worth $1.59. If you are

going to buy asilk; if you ever think of such, look at this tomorrow.

No. 2.—20 pieces Black Dress Silks, 15 styles. This is the purchase of a shrewd buyer, and contains the bg fibre, possesses the rich est lustre and by far the biggest Black Silk Bargains ever advertised. Get samples elsewhere at $2, $2.25 and even up to $2.50, and from this lot we will match them for only $1.39.

Black Dress Goods. Incomparable bargains for this week. 500 pieces in stock, represent- ing allthe English and French makes. 20 pieces 40-inch all wool Henriettas at. 48c, ac- tual value 69c. 13 pieces 42-inches all wool Henriettas at 57c, would be cheap at 75. 16 pieces 44-inch all wool Henriettas at 73c, ac- tual value $1, 12 pieces 44-inch all wool Chevrons at $1, worth $1.49. 7 pieces 44-inch all wool Sebastopool at $1, actual worth $1.49, 8 pieces Silk Warp Priestley’s Henrietta at 98c, worth $1.40, 11 pieres 42-inch silk warp Priestley’s Henrietta at $1.23, actual worth $1.62. 10 pieces 42 inch Silk Warp Priestley’s Henrietta at $1.35, actual worth $1.75, 15 pieces 50-inch all wool Broadcléth,extra value at $1, worth $1.59. 16 pieces 52-inch all wool Broadcloth, very fine, at $1.49, would be cheap at $2. 12 pieces 52-inch all wool Broadcloth, superb quality, at $198, woith $3. 7 pieces 54-inch all wool Broadcloth, finest made, at $2.49, worth $4.


= ae


The mild weather so far this seasun, has re- tarded their sale. We are overssgcked in Blankets. We are going to unload them.

White Blankets worth $1.25, at 85c pair.

$2.50 Blankets, at $1.59.

1,500 pairs tine white wool Blankets at from $3.50 to $10; they are worth 40 per cent more. You may not need Blankets just now, but if there is tho least liability of your needing them when the cold weather comes, it will certainly pay youto buy them now.

FLANNELS! Almost a Give Away!

6 oz grey Flannels worth 25c, at 124.

2 cases fine Scarlet Medicated Twill Fian- nel, never made for the price—25c yard.

The greatest bargains on earth in white all wool Fiannels.

Largost stock of fancy French Flannels in Atlanta.

2,000 yards French Flannels worth 50c ev- erywhere, at d6c yard.

2 cases all wool Opera Flannel, at 25c yard.


140 pieces plain and striped EKiderdowns, just opened. Spocial festival. Dargains in fine all wool white twilled Fiannels, Shaker Iiannels.


Tah) oe ba rar . 7.


Note our wonderful bargains. Now is the time to buy.

Lot No. 1. Two cases ladies’ Swiss Ribbed Vests, winter weights, worth the world over 50c; a festival bargain at 35ec each.

Lot No. 2. 80 doz. ladies’ white Merino Vests—the same as you always paid 50c for, to go as a festival bargain, at 3¥c.

Lot No. 3. Ladies’ superfine white Merino Vests, pearl buttons, silk finish, pants to match ; a festival bargain at 50c.

Lot No. 4. Ladies’ lamb wool Vests and Pants, extra quality; a festival bargain at 76c eact.

Lot No. 5. Ladies’ fine Australian wool aud Pants; a festival bargain at 8c. each.

Lot No. 6. Ladies’ sanitary wool Vests and Pants worth $2; a festival bargain, at $1.10.

Men’s Underwear!

Lot No. 1. Men’s fine Scotch wool, grey vicuvia Shirts and Drawers, worth $1 each; a festival bargain at 50c.

Lot No. 2. Men’s fine camel's hair Shirts, pt sizes, to go at a festival bargain, at $1 each.

Lot No. 3. Men’s white Merino Drawers, full regular Norfolk and New Brunswick goods, broken sizes, worth $2 each, as a festi- val bargain at 75c.

Lot No. 4. Gents’ fine natural wool Shirts and Drawers, worth $1.75 each, togo as a fes- tival bargain at $1.

Lot No. 5. Gents’ very fine camel’s hair een to go as a festival bargain at $3.50 suit.


Gentlemens Fixings |

_ Linen Collars made of pure 4-ply pure Trish linen, Count 1900. All the new and most styl- ish shapes. These collars are as good as any 20c collar in the world. We have to buy them in 10,000 dozen lots to enable us to sell them at 1Uc each.


Here we are bang up—no new shape we can- not show you. Weare talking big over the last 400 dozen justin. Tecks, Puffs, and 4 in Hands, made of fine silk and satins; modest, stylish and dudish colorings, at 25, 35 and 50c


Made of Utica Muslin, pearl buttons, collars, front pocket and cuffs, all trimmed in dainty herring bone braid, and French percale in cardinal, pink and baby blue, actually worth $1.25, to go as a festival bargain at 85c each.




restival Bargains,

Axe worthy of your attention. An

| inspection willsoon convince you of their true merit.

Kid Gloves worth $1.25 pair, festi- val bargain at 75¢.

26 inch fine Gloria Silk Umbrellas new and stylish silver heads worth $2.50, festival bargain at $1.45.

Printed Flannelettes, new French designs. The very article for house wrappers. A festival bargain at

6 button length fine Mosquetaire !

12%%4c yard.

Ladies’ fine Dongola button boots all widths, allsizes. A reliable and stylish shoe worth fully $2.75 pair. A testival bargain at $1.89.

1,000 dozen ladies’ hip gore cor- sets, a festival bargains at 25 pair.

Gentlemen's 4 ply all linen col- lars. 12 new shapes, a festival bar gain at 10c each.

250 pieces choice standard prints, pretty dark styles, a festival bargain at 5c yard.

10,000 ladies’ all linen hemstitch- ed handkerchiefs worth fully 20c each, a festival bargain at roc.

Ladies’ Monkey Muffs worth $2 each, a festival bargain at 75c.

36 inch all wool side band dress goods, dark mixtures only, a festi- val bargain at 25c yard.

Short lengths of unbleached Canton Flannel, a festival bargain

at 5c yard.

Gentlemen’s_ printed all linen hemstitched handkerchiefs, new paterns a festival bargain at 13¢c each.

Silk Plushes all colors worth fully 6oc yard, a festival bargain at 35c yd

Ladies’ fine Seal Plush Jackets, a festival bargain at $9.95 each.

Wamsutta, yard wide, bleached muslins in short lengths, a festival bargain at 8c yard.

Children’s black ribbed hose, seamless worth 20c pair, a festival bargain at 12%4c.

Tied Fringe, all linen Huck Towels 24x26 inches, a festival bar- gain at 25c each.

Cream Satin Damask, lovely quality, a festival bargain at 49c yd.

Ladies’ fleeced lined hose 4oc quality, a festival bargain at ‘25c pair

Ladies’ black Richilieu ribbed hose, sublime quality, fast black, a festival bargain at 25c pair.

38 inch all wool black French Serges, the regular 60c quality, a festival bargain at 42%c yard.

French Plaids,a new handsome and stylish lot, all to go asa festi- val bargain at Soc yard.

English Pins, good quality, a fes- tival bargain at Ic paper.

All wool bed Blankets, full size, a festival bargain at $3.98 pair.

Ladies’ gossamers, in electrique, silver gray and geranium, a festival bargain at 98c each.

Ladies’ Blouse Jersey Waists nice quality, a festival bargain at $1.98.

Misses Jacket.

The above is a cut of a Braided Misses’ Jacket. Jackets for Misses. Many kinds, all sizes, from 12 to 18 years, from $4 up.

Misses’ Haverlocks, Misses’ Cone nameras, Misses’ Newmarkets, in plain colors, stripes, checks and plaids.

Hiss’ Braided Newmarket

Children's Cloaks

1,500 Children’s Garments now in store. Children’s Gretchens in all kinds

| of Cloths, from $2.50 to $15 each.

Special sale of Ladies’ fine Seal Plush Sacques, full 40 inches long. Equ7l in appearance to the finest real(seal skin garments. In fact, we are sure this garment can’t be matched under $35. Will offer. them for a few days only at $23.75.

Great variety of Ladies’ real Eng- lish Walking Coats, the popular, New York and London garment,!

| from $8.50 to $25 each.

Elegant cloth Modjeskas from $5 up. Fine Braided Modjeskas from $10 to $25.


We are daily receiving novelties in Furs.

New Lynx Sets, new Thibet Sets, new Angora Sets, new Red Fox Sets, new Monkey Sets, new Seal Skin Capes.

Our New Department


The best $1.89 Ladies’ shoes, The best $2.25 Ladies’ shoes. The best $2.75 Ladies’ shoes, The best $3.00 Ladies’ shoes. The best $3.50 Ladies’ shoes. The best $4.00 Ladies’ shoes. The best $4.50 Ladies’ shoes, The best $5.00 Ladies’ shoes.





Childrens Shoes



The best $2.50 Men’s Shoes. The best $3.00 Men’s shoes. The best $3.50 Men's shoes. The best $4.00 Men’s shoes. The best $4.50 Men’s shoes, The best $5.00 Men’s shoes.

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- b as gcomtery sha rie sae . eS (iw

six officers of forty-two men were killed and

These Indians kept faith with him and found

Say—d6émiwedsun col rm

Rea’ Bie OE ENON We eS ae ea Bag ae a =i4 oa x ; = a atk Red tt. x G prac ¢ J te : : é % : 7 mc ag sh Scie . ; a mage | ae ¢ \ a Wingy 2. : “> iS : a | | * : Ne aoe : . Ws Be 4 . 9 THE CONSTITUTION: ATLANTA. GA.SUNDAY OCTOBER 20, 1889. a E f es: 7 el Ra a aa g-* & = if ag : | 12th infantry were detailed fase Bn igh DRY GOODS, CARPETS, FURNITURE, ETC. : RAILROADS, fe > and about eight a. m. on Apr t the un- , PO OO OOO OO OOOO ES POCO TCE PCP SOT POTTED IEF OCOP FE SI OFSGF OOO CCT CT COTE, CCOCT COT CCOT OC TO OT OO a ttt tattered TRAIN SCHEDUI & OAL DS Pt a Ihe Mode War. ones expedition marched a It was com- SUBEDULER 70 ADO Naa ae manded by Major Evan Thomag, a young ENTRAL RAILROan» os olticer who had done gallant service during - C ‘OAD OF : AS se me [Continued from Last Sunday.] the war, but who had never, until this cam- | Vor the accommodation of visitors to SS. val o Written for The Constitution, * j paign, ane a hostile Indian. Pika. 4 : ' Exposition at Atlanta and tw Georgie a = ti ae with an advance guard deployed as skirmish- = ° A i= d >. , nts on the Centra} a a . ee ified the | ers, but the intervals were so small that they 1 Lice rt u Trl itu i © ati a rpets ° Hacon and Atlanta, the following ranitoad ghe Blair Mexican gre ee Cantry oo wenger: oe the | ‘id not cover the most elevated ridges on the oe -gdeal in Educa‘io ar country and waked up the authoritic right and left of the column: As they groped . . . . MACON TO ATLA _ ing Cage—-Po - fact that they had a serious war on their hands. | and stambled over the rugged masses and saw Never in the history of Atlanta or in all the south have such magnificence and beatty Nt, Light on ee ae i Every available man in the department of Cal- | and heard nothing but the endless gray green been offered to 1 he trad = Phere is only < ; . ere O e trade, pe one has BPP = ifornia was hurried forward. Even the light | of = sage brush, and the- hres of - occa- > ae] 2 Es ject and no though 3 . i } fident and care- 2, n | . battery at San Francisco was sent equipped as | Siona rattler, they became con 3 3 ; e wloe Thompson, . ' sk rether. It : on lect < cavalry. What was more important than oe -_ BE om ba a os ‘idee <] FOR FURNISH ING PALACH OR COTTAGE! De : E iim at home = ne . , me troops who knew, if possible, less about Indl | ptween you and the fellow next to you. . : ; ; . : g 3 ; ve stories : i. ans than thoso already on the ground, # bend | The main body in column came up wotil by rp beer in hard woods, elegantly polished, from $50 to $500 for suits, with an elegant line STATIONS. | $ |; |i Judas. a . of thirty-five Warm Spring Indians, under | the time they had gone five miles, the forma- | 9 in Go Sad : Ss | i : } z ye; the on j their chief, Donald McKay, joined us. They | tion resembled a letter T. About 12 o’clock e Art ods for dining rooms, halls and P arlors. : i : dark indefinite sha ow #2 were near neighbors of the Modocs and yet en- | they had reached the foot of the sandy butte, Daily |Dailenoes | ES of the story is ber ce di and this being as far as they intended going, N A R P 1D 1D R A P R I y Daily! ilian’s empil se tirely different. The Modocs were foot Indians, ( ; I ae " Maxim in - ; ; they sat down and chatted and smoked and —. though it was, ee only using ‘their ponies and mulwes to cage took some lunch. Major Thomas went half 7 : h AM PM lay Ay py oe tee pins te i er to ; . eae =. their amunition traps and families, nev way up the butte, and Colonel Tom Wright We lead the van For twenty years we have led the carpet trade in the south, and now wit = —)|—___ es the appre of our OWN of fight from. The Warm Springs were mount- | sent two men to examinea high lava ridge , 7 : 4d fast popes Macoun......... sseseeeee| 6 40} Sogl g the throes - ih a ed fighters. Their ponies were models for that , about six hundred yards to the west of the | {furniture added we are better pre oared than ever to meet the demands of our immense and fas ee nase ——=| 3 cere oe pe ie sure-footed. The iui, On this tranquil and drowsy scene rang | » ° . . | won 4 ie each other tne’ Seen ae hi grag Modoecs and aia out two rifle shots rom the ridge. Thomas 10Cregping trade. Don t forget that every article 1S guaranteed, , Depart a Chae Bei 1a : ie ee north * ee attempted to signal, but probably did not com- Depart Colliers......|..... 7 56! Laas of = not seem to us as full of the peculiar resources plete the message, for firing commenced from e Depart Goggins.......|......... 8 10) ; sae beginning remark b- which make the Indian such a formida~- | every ridge and elevated point around them. 7 TY ‘> CT 1 Th O T) SO Tl O Depart Barnesville...|.........| 8 20! 19 : of this i areti ti i ble foe. Bnt it must be remembered | As he came down the hill the excitement be- 9 5 ee as eee I 10 18) 5 gu "= printed for the 5rs Se E- that when an Indian acts with a white man | came terrible; men rushing wildly for cover in Depart Poe gd we ; o. - 5 ~ gury, and the gist © q a the latter has to do al the thinking, and he is Ee “— eon | A neg cage Figg: . Depart Sunnyside... 6 02 ; 15! 10 ; | Thearticle on —_ Ss lucky if he don’t have to do two-thirds of the | jo.) Ther Banna pes - thing which might | With Jack claiming that he made them do the TLANTA AND NEW ORLEANS SHORT Demet ao - . : 2 u 5 Ee jous pape ee i ann acting, for the Indian beats an old soldier in | havesaved themeyen after the panicbegan. If lion’s share of the watching and fighting and = <r Depart Jonesboro.....| 6 38} 9 44 11 a9 oo picture of Zola s ; he * doing as little for his pay as he well can, un- | they had made a rush for the top of the butte, saved his tag’ “he Hashbruck struck them ATLANTA AND oWEST POINT RAILROAD C0 Depart Morrow......| 6 50} 9 53] 11 . | shanging ideas © iu ame less he is fighting his hereditary enemies, and | the chance of being hit would be less than if eek aaa +1 oa the beds and after a run- The most direct art est Toute to Montgomery, “ew ones | nee gga 7 = 00) 11 50} ¢ Jeast, the poems, Be then he wil! work harder than a white man. | they remained huddled ren 5 at its rps Pay Ramm. Seon thine me erage gg vrleans, —_—— d thesouth west, Depart East Point..| 7 25 10 13 +12 : attractivetoday. | Bes : : nd », Wi trowel bayonets which ek “pe - ge | & : ; a But the Modocs had to put their wits against ‘tee pn pape oo it wccknamtthace | oun immediate following. It became a The following schedule in effect Sept. 1.188% | Arrive Atlanta......... S Ui 10 40) 12 a0i¢ 7 Ben a i our numbers, and literaliy multiplied them | town up a breastwork of sand behind which | C98¢ of the devil take the hindmost. About te sie ae 56 dai. ATLANTA TO MACON, & ; Bo , Thompson in t ee selves. Our allies hated to leave their ponies, | they could stand off the whole Modoc nation, | fun (own May 20th, the artillery and infantry | Bi mug Favorite Prescriptions of SOUTHBOUND. { Daily | Daily |Sunday. | *| oo Though he has 2 10 3 and at first, while the Modocs clung to the | Tom Wright, an old Indian fighter, suggested orate ae DONS the old camp on Tale Lake. epee grees ary Remy MEDICINE ies | : A J Though he ek ba Bs rugged lava, they did not do much in the way | this, but Themas probably thought the ex- seve avis was seen approching with sev- in “itoepitele of Londsa, FoR ONE Leave Atlanta........... 125 pmil 30 pm 3 35 pm a Y ty accusation against the 2 of fighting, althouch invaluable as guides and | posure in getting up toogreat, and sent Wright reese ck taal ar a i BB agg Berlin and Vienna. DISEASE. Artive Newnan - sine | : ss - . 2 4 : = pm E B Bt rice Thompson has at cas g z, s ; or uvery r : merino seine ‘* LaGrange ...... 34 pm a scouts. But on any ground where their ponies sr Pager gpa i A afc Bi a soldier said; “They don’t look like Warm 5 No. —Cures Catarrh, Hay Fever, Rose West Poin... 434 pms 3i2am 7 05 om 3 B 3 \Z them. his dial ud could go—and an Indian pony can go almost Lieatenant Cranston, with six or eicht men, Springs.” Another said, ‘‘I do believe they’re so it-Goume Colds, Bronchitis, Asth- ot Opelika ........| 5 14 Pm sf Ham Sober - STATIONS. > : oe that it ish ¥ anywhero—they walked right over the Mo- | volunteered to take a ridge on the right. | Modocs,” and finally one of the survivors ma, Consumption. A Peerless Remedy. Arrive Columbus .....| 6 25 pm! 6 25 am)...u+e0 ue Se story of southerp docs. Their chief, Donald McKay, was a | Thomas, with the main body, now reduced to - Se senate shouted: “By G—d | Wo. 8—Rh oD sia. . ) rer ) ; i iad atory + Hoan ever : handsome and intelligent half-breed, his | twenty-five or thirty men, suppoited Wright’s phe aus har iii dion: bine "Eh cchicn Conatipetionet’ inte see mee aasten Montgomery. : = dang : i om ai seamen s , ee and Judus am nal oy father being a Hudson bay trader, and wrote |.charge. Ashe approached the ridge, think- | o 10. mig next one recognized was Bo o. Wo. 6—Fever and , Dumb Ague, Arnve Mobile......... 210 ami 1 55 ? Regen seus Daily ' Daily |Daily Born on the sa) Bnolish well. ° ing that our men.were in possession, he hailed | ;\)°" © & Malaria, Neuralgia. N ‘leans.| 7 oe Mi day, the white boy , and spoke English well. @ was cap- oe | ike ci. | Charley, who looked like a good natured : Arrive New Orleans.) 7 00 @ m) 7 20 Pml)......sessone | ve : Wright, but the response was death-like si ‘© - 3 Wo. G6—F'emale Weakn Trregulari- Arrive Houston, Tex! 2 20 am} 900 am| AM|PM/PM ad grown up togeth tain, first sergeant, company clerk and lence, followed by a rattling volley, while bright mulatto. The third was Steam boat , ties, Whites. AGolden Remedy. scant Raeltmnentattnen, Ear Melon : heaton poeeane Au h . gro had been everything else, for they were armed, | dropping shots growing fainter to the right Frank. The fourth [have forgotten. Every No. 7—A Perfect Tonic, which gives TO SELMA, VICKSBURG AND SHREVEPORT pes middle age h See equipped, mustered and paid like regu- | showed that finding the mdge too strongly | OMe of them carried his rifle across his saddle; | Health, Form and Fullness, Clear Com- Leave Montgomery...) 7 40 PM) 7 85 I )...ccorensnne es Se apes 710 7a 215) 9 ing, but affection lar soldiers. [ had a chance of see- | puarded they had nassed in that direction. every one of them was a murderer of poor m plexion, Good Blood and <9 of s | AlTive beima............ 920 pm 9 15 @ Td « +0s soneeeene pe neville. 715) 720 : confidences only the . ing one of their queer looking muster rolls, | Whether they did actually reach the crest, | C@aley, and General Davis, without even a| pg rte te ieemmindan iene Slime. apm seme: Te ER 38 20 9 “Chawm” or ‘‘chav with its long names made up of a great many | and why, if they did, they were unabie to hold | Pistol, had ridden sixteen miles through a des- | eon Mes ., sles suseseceee | AlTive Morrow.....| 727) 745 267 gas - + Side by side ever short syllables. The idea of calling such a | jt, was never settled. There were no survi- | 0!@te country with five white men, three of RELIABLE fits special disease if CURABLE and a AM SOMERTON < RNR: ‘Saieitaas .. | Arrive Jonesboro....| 7 36) 7 55) 308) gg the sandy bank of 4 roll made me shiver, though Donald probably | yors but fugitives, and naturally their versions them unarmed, and_ these blood-stained ACENTS B°2.2° permanent relief ALWAYS. No.57 dat Arrive Lovejoy........ 7 46; 8 06) 8 18 wigt en eel did it. were confused aud contradictory. Wright | taitors. It looked like utter foolhardiness, ) ome HOSPITAL REMEDY ; No. 51 No.53 ly Except | Attive en 8 m2 ; > swoe time when . After Canby’s assassination the Indianstook | was found with his best men around him. but was the result of a cool calculation of WANTED. COMPANY, Toronto, Canada. NORTHBOUND, Daily Daily Sunday. ee 817| 8 35 : . too-doo-dled.’ Th a position in the lava near Tule lake. Their | Cranston made a plucky attempt on the right. yes and a thorough knowledge of In- ea oe Gees @r-s @..-@ Leave New Orleans... 700 am 805 pm Arrive Orchard Hill{ 8 29\* 84% 4 : and disposition, ex ehief defense was a precipitous pile of rocksin | put with even less chance, for he had so few | @ians. Learning that some of the worst In- ‘gep29—sun26t K26t « “Mobile ..........12 0 pm’ 7 87 om. ' Arrive Milner..........) 54) 858) 4230) and Judas slave. the edge of the lake, known as Jack's strong- | men with him. The position of their bodies dians were dissatisfied and discouraged, Davis casera teeter OR * Pensacola.....10 10 pm ll 45 am........... | 4ttive Barnesville..) 8 50) 912 433 i aped’ his master hold, curiously resembling one of the medieval | told of a desperate struggle for life. managed to get word to them through squaws— ss Arrive Montgomery... 6 10 pm 12 52 am.......... | Arrive Goggins....... 905; 924 4450 robber Baron’s castles. This natural strong | Behind little rock broastworks. which | the invariable flay of truce in Indian war-— Genuine | LGBVO cccccecsss coccccceee | +s scrsccesve! cosncssocsceses © a “appears es a H u privately, in his ex place they had fortified so ingeniously that they had “8 piled wp, they lay that he would guarantee the life of any Indian Sarato a E 1 * . me ne 9 20am 4 45 pm Rs a Ses eg cau He ii The plot of the Captain Lydecker, of the engineers, who went | and fought until the Indians crawled around who would assist in Jace captare,, An in- 4 xceisior Soran been Pm rr + Need soasomnanen Arrive Bolingbroke. 9 50] 10 17| § lu in a watermelgn over it after the evacuation, declared that it | and shotthem from behind. Seeing that all dian will always turn traitor when it is his Wat * Opelika ....0m! 1 52 ayy ors *eosmmme | Arrive Summerfield.; 10 02) 10 35) 53) 8 The watermelo | @ would have been creditable to any engineers | was lost ‘Thomas refused to retreat any farther, | best chance, but the trouble is that other ater West Point ...| 239 pm 349 am6‘0am | Arrive Macon.......... 10 30) 1) OO 64 jewel on the bre 3 on earth, The path, barely wide enough for | saying: ‘We may as well die here as any- | things being even, he would rather betray you A LaGrange.....| 308 pm’ 416 am68lam SPECIAL TRAINS AND D | ™* ; ; ying ) A hi his son] hs ss lv d ~ S . SPECIAL AINS A <‘What is home P one man, wound up the almost perpendicular where.’”’ 2 t Man LIS OW n peop ©, So t iat your on y aepen-~ SPARKLING Newnan eeeeee os | 4 13 pm i) 20 am 7 40 am ~ Th f llowin extra schedules d l kn wn slope in short and steep zigzags, each one en- By this time all direction ceased. Thesurvi- | den¢e is upon making him see clearly his own REFRESHING Arrive Atlanta........ | 6 40 pm! 6 50 am 9 j6am saneet expentiiols wo ages eterna iene the wel - kno F tirely commanded by the one above it. And | yors took what cover they could get and fought interests. Having done this Davis committed . Train 50 and 51 carry Pullman Palace Buffet car< Atlanta on the following days: delicious suge in several places he actually found natural | with heart-sickening alternations of despair himself coolly to these murderers, Saying, HEALTHFUL ee See " New ein and Pullman 15th; Tuesday, October 22d; Tuesday, October | Judas eaca had a galleries in the rocks by which the In- | and hope. Attimes the Indians approached when remonstrated with, “It’s all right; I’ve DRINK sive = agen sweee ~ anta and wees ane throubg | Thursday, October 17th; Thursday, October Not that Ben ev 7 dians could, after holding the zizzag_ to | s9 near that they could hear them talking, and mace those fellows understand that to give up ae Trains 52 and 63 ca gs Buffet ‘Slee ing | Thursday, October 3ist. Judas keep it f 2 » |i Lome x yng be Oy potas hoes See ve dad] Jack is the only way they can save aa > ping ON gource of troubl the last moment, be at the next one long before | then the fire would cease entirely for awhile. rae : Cc ars be tween Washington anci New Orleans, MACON TO ATLANTA, : better | the assailants. About 5 o’clock they distinctly heard a bugle their own necks. It was a@ strange ures CECI GABBETT, CHAS. H. CROMWELL, ARRIVE} nag Bh Sco ld . Atthe top Was a deep circular pit or small blowing the asseinblv, and thought themselves spectacle, these Indians dismounting AMOS CONSTIPATION Gen’! Manager. n’| Pasa, Agee 4nd finer. crater large enough to held all their ammuni- | sayed. It was the Warm springs who had m- the survivors of the two companies INDIGESTION bse A, GEE, vistrict Pass. Agent, I. sc suiumiiian sesesos Somme he might, see tion, stores and families, and safe from direct | pressed some fucitives, and were trying to give had ne A annihilated, DYSPEPSIA aL ¥v Boling Dro. ......0.1000+0 « coccee scccce socenmmneaal he papi fire. lmagine men toiling in Single tile up them notice that he] » Was near. But the men Ain grecting em with TAG magnificent lim- . SIMALIS.. ++ +eececereerees cones soenee tere const: any De a - 23 } : this steep slope ex posed at every step to the who had escaped poe. not locate the spot pudence 1D which an Indian tS simply grand. AX ={e) UT CLOV ES. Sec 0 © © Soeconscogcosenencaces +9 OF RTE ? “How [ gwine well aimed firo of men entirely hidden and | amid the wilderness of lava. The only result | He will murder your wife, scalp your baby, | Don’t drink an injurious manufactured When youdre baying loves remember that there ia Goggins. ....... 0s +-«ssccmenest waterenl=eee ce : protected. In fact, five hundred men could | was to hasten their fate. The Modvcs resolved burn your house, and when caught come up water. The genuine Excelsior brought = & thing as a price that Barnesville. ....cc0000 .ccsssccooses sansa exclaimed. a t have taken it bv assault ne nde sai ha eat ' holding out his hand with a cordial ‘How r ei aoe oN & 8 too cheap. It is better to 4 plowed ‘em an no 1a aKen 1 Yas: au . ; to make short work of it, and advanced throw- oom ; } ‘cited d 4 from Saratoga 1S sold only through the pay a fair price and get me a: TROP ccccce 0 0 & Cage © 0 0 cccccs © 8 6 6 ceccseqeennn +906 sone. | Ol k’ do 80 4 There was but one thing to do—drive them | jing rocks among the sage brush, where tho sur- fiow.’’ The men were much excited and the of- v tact oni otk (ead 1) s] - Ciltae good gloves like Hutch- [Rwy Orchard Hill : coccccees |. 684 seit mek om . a into it, surround it, which was not hard, for it | vivors crouched, and shooting wherever tho | "cers had to exert their authority to restrain augnt stand (trade-mark) Shown above, © Piet glk TR ae f. Se Griffen . . ... ..ccccccosceces seaces eos 6 ©¢seeeeuntn § poche Ps Ps 3 3 did not cover much ground—was closed on one |. bushes stirred. About this time Thomas was | them until they could explain how entirely Sold in Atlanta by ay best manner and are war-—9 pee See ermnonertetenaaes ema Ps ee ig ef “a * side by the lake, and we had by this time | wounded in an artery and rapidly bled to death ; General Davis 3 plan depended exciting no ranted to the most Fe rig te Coaaie LE it, Mars w 2 between four and five hundred men—theu | Lioutenant Howe was killed, Lieutenant Har- | #!4rm o! distrust in the minds of the Indians. Stoney, Gregory & Co., ay ogo Bn e Rin, Heat gh <_<... | : Te 4% fortifying our lines in the lava wait patiently | ris badly wounded, and Dr. Semig shot in the | /he soldiers wero particularly bitter against L. Kh. Brattoa, gloves in general and ee MOTTOW oesescessceeeeseeene sete ++ #0 ensesane! #80. qgbau ent tele a3 and starve them out. shoulder and leg. Dark came at last. The woven —_ as the ore ra of etapa be 90 and 92 Peachtree street. gn mm ea By eee Boeeeraees oon sor seen Bees fist at the negr ca The attack was directed! from two sides, Indian fire ceased, and next morning a settiers, anc as a precau Ion agains resis ance i 1] I g + © are r. nciose "el ll! reer ree “4 a Major John Greer, First Cavalry, cohumanding | strong force of cavalry arrived and rescued | General Davis placed him for the night in a napa 8 aie gid Gloves. Te book Abous BR: RS EE cccnssisoe soone ons sa ceenea a nom ps ma on the left, and Colonel Mason, 2ist Infantry, | the few survivors. Out ot fifty-nine men and | Small tent within six feet of hisown. The Pp & Si) ESR: ft you. ESTABLISHED 1862. ; Atlanta --. +... seers ee es es eceeee MO ORR bes a Jo pe % on the right—the idea being to close in as they result vindicated his pluck and judgment. eermann liverman, JOHN ©. HUTOHINSON, Johnstown. N. ¥